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Meet Lehlohonolo

I am a psychology Professional who is a living a full and fulfilling life of passion and purpose despite
having gone through the harshest life experiences of trauma, loss, homelessness, depression and

divorce. Even though I am happily married for 6 years now, my first marriage ended in divorce after
7 years. This experience was one of the harshest because it made me question my profession as a
Marriage Counsellor. Because of this experience I learned effective ways to bounce back after any
setback (including divorce) and ensure that the setback is not repeated in future. I have learned not
only the patterns that make the marriage succeed, but also the ones that make it fail; and I can help
you eliminate all those patterns that are working against you or your marriage and create patterns
that can help you build a strong, meaningful and fulfilling life and marriage. What helped me bounce
back successfully from this setback was the decision I made to start using the broken pieces of my
broken marriage to help you build yours successfully.
As the person living with and thriving despite Chronic Depression myself for over 14 years, I know
how it feels to battle with Depression and Anxiety, and I know what it takes to overcome and live
your best life despite your daily battle with Depression. Having lived so long with depression and not
allowing it to take my life away, I have learned successful ways to not only survive but thrive despite
chronic anxiety and depression.
Because I found meaning in my misery and purpose in my pain, I can help you find purpose in your
pain as well. I have learned from my personal and professional experience that once you find
meaning in your misery, you begin to move from suffering to thriving.

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